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What are the characteristics of solid wood table lamps?

People are not unfamiliar with solid wood table lamps, because they are more common in life, but their characteristics are not clear to everyone.

What are the characteristics of solid wood table lamps? What are the advantages? Today we will talk about the characteristics and advantages of solid wood table lamps.

  1. What are the characteristics of solid wood table lamps

The solid wood table lamp is a table lamp made of solid wood as a raw material. It is more common in the market. The solid wood table lamp will

Matched with paper or sheepskin, these can be painted with some traditional flower and bird patterns, and with wood trim, the room becomes instantly

Gentle and euphemistic. Solid wood table lamps can also be built in European style. Nowadays, many Nordic furniture style lamps are made of wood. remove

In addition to European style, you can also try industrial style: for example, the light bulb is directly mounted on the wooden base.

However, compared with other materials, the solid wood table lamp is heavier and cannot be exposed to water to avoid swelling.

Shaped situation.

Second, what are the advantages of solid wood table lamps

  1. Elegant and retro

Many people use solid wood table lamps in the decoration of oriental classical styles such as Chinese and Japanese styles. The retro taste of wood can be

In order to add a touch of elegance to the home. With sheepskin, paper, ceramics and other materials, solid wood table lamps can create traditional Chinese home decoration style


  1. Environmental protection and nature

Wood is a natural material. After anti-corrosion treatment, it is not easy to crack and deform, and it will not rot and deteriorate. From the perspective of materials,

Metal, plastic, etc. are more environmentally friendly. Because of its natural style, the solid wood table lamp is very suitable for use in the bedroom and dining room, making people feel

To relax, comfort, and give people a sense of warmth and tranquility. If it is a floor lamp, you can also decorate some green plants on the lamp,

It does not interfere with the lighting, but also adds a natural atmosphere.

  1. Creativity is changeable

Due to the easy-engraving characteristics of wood, it can make lamps and lanterns realize a variety of creative ideas, and wooden table lamps also have many creative ideas.

Design: Use a piece of wood directly and hollow out the interior to install a light bulb to imitate the characteristics of dead branches; the wood is carved into a wooden barrel,

The wall of the barrel has small holes of different sizes and uneven distribution. The bottom of the barrel is equipped with light bulbs; the wood is carved into various animal shapes, which is very

You can love; connect the light bulb directly to the deadwood to create the original flavor.

It can be seen that solid wood table lamps are elegant, retro, environmentally friendly, natural, creative and changeable. However, the solid wood table lamps are

Quality problems, heavy weight, and can’t contact with water to avoid expansion and deformation. It is recommended to understand clearly when purchasing.

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