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Several industrial style chandeliers will give you a restaurant with the most character!

There are many types of lamps. Choosing lamps is an important part of determining the overall decoration style. The lamps used in different places are also completely different. The decoration style of lamps and lanterns can enhance the overall feeling of the room. Therefore, the choice of lamps is very important. Compared to the living room or bedroom, the lighting layout of the dining room is the most overlooked place for us. Today, the editor focuses on recommending several dining room chandeliers.

Compared with other decoration styles, the industrial style is a bit more free. The simple iron chandelier is the most classic and the easiest to match in the industrial style. Whether it is a mix and match or a retro industrial style, it is not easy to make mistakes, and it looks very character.

Below: Compared with ordinary wrought iron chandelier, the editor recommended this one extra layer of transparent organic explosion-proof glass to ensure light transmittance and reduce the unsafe factors after the bulb burst. Some readers joked: ” Since After buying this lamp, I will no longer have to worry about the temperature being too high and the bulb broken when I cook hot pot in the restaurant.

Wrought iron chandelier, this kind of chandelier with lampshade is also a representative type in the industrial style. The design is simple and easy to match. If you feel that the brightness is not enough, you can also combine it according to your needs, which is very convenient.

▲ The painting and frosting process of the lampshade of this chandelier is the editor’s favorite part. The lamps are divided into two sizes, and the hanging wire itself is 1.5 meters long, which can be adjusted according to preferences, floor height and house structure. But it is not without black spots. Some readers left a message saying: ” Although this chandelier has a good texture, it is too big and too small. If there is a medium size, it will be perfect. ” The editor can only tell his heart about this. If you feel that it is a bit inconsistent to choose a large one, you can choose two small lamps together.

▲ For cute girls, the above lamp may look too bulky, so the editor also bought this cute chandelier for loli people. The texture is not much different from the above one, but the light pink is light. The blue color is what the girls like at first glance. Some girls describe this lamp as “the creator’s soul mate ” , and the love is beyond words.

The simple lamp is also a popular one among the more craftsmanship styles in recent years. It can be easily adapted to various occasions by adjusting the combination of the bulbs. ” Edison lamp ” is his favorite name for readers.

Diamond lamps are also the most common type of lamps in the industrial style. The unique wrought iron shape can create a unique sense of roughness no matter what style it matches.

One of the distinguishing features of industrial style is its minimalism, as is the choice of lighting. Although minimalist chandelier has a relatively simple design, it is indeed a good lighting with industrial style. .

End the busy life, and meet this lamp to have a romantic encounter. Yan is Zhengyi. It is also a fish-line chandelier. Maybe many little girls prefer this kind of star-shaped lamp with a little dream. This lamp can also be arranged and installed according to your own preferences. The chic shape will definitely bring you to your meal. Come with a different sense of pleasure.

The hemp rope chandelier is also a very typical industrial style lamp, which is very suitable for some retro art restaurants. The dim light and the faint blues music make it very romantic when you think about it.

Compared with the previous lamps, hemp rope chandelier is less used in home improvement restaurants, but if your home is an open kitchen and the area is large enough, then this lamp is very suitable. The combination of hemp rope and iron art can not only enhance the living room The overall temperament also strengthens the stability of the lamp. Some readers repurchased this lamp, and then told the editor, ” After installation, it is simple and generous, which fits the retro atmosphere of our home ” .

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