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1. Pendant Lamp, Pendant Light

A pendant light is a kind of ceiling light that suspends from the ceiling and normally contains one or more bulbs. A few of our pendants have the capacity to hold up to 12 bulbs! Pendant lamp, on the other hand, are often hung from the ceiling with a light bulb attached to the end of a chain, rope, or some other kind of connection. The use of shades on pendants is popular, as is the use of naked bulbs on pendants.Nevertheless, some may integrate interesting materials such as crystal, brushed bronze, gold, and other such materials. When it comes to the many designs of pendants, the possibilities are really endless!Any way you desire! Because of the ease with which several pendant lights may be coordinated into a unified design, this kind of lighting is particularly popular in kitchens. Pendants may be used in a variety of creative ways by interior designers, one of which is to hang several of them on each side of a bed so that they can serve as bedside lights.