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Plug Wall Lamp

Many homes did not have a clear plan at the beginning of the renovation. After moving in, they found that there was no wall lamp, which was not very convenient to use. However, there was no power supply in the early stage, which led to regret.

For example, in the bedroom bedside, many people used table lamps instead to save money at the beginning. In fact, this is a misunderstanding;
table lamps and wall lamps are not much different in function, but wall lamps are better than saving space-make full use of The vertical space satisfies more functions without occupying an otherwise small bedside table.

To realize the bedside wall lamp, there is no power supply in the early stage. Is it only regret? If you want to re-wiring, it is very troublesome. It is necessary to destroy the original wall and re-slot the wiring, which is obviously unrealistic for the family staying in. Are there any wall lights that do not require wiring?
Every household has sockets on both sides of the bed, and table lamps can only be realized thanks to sockets, so why can’t wall lamps be realized with bedside sockets instead of having to wire and leave a separate power supply?
▲The wooden wall lamp as shown in the figure does not need a special power cord. As long as the bedside table has a socket, it can be realized, but it needs to be fixed on the wall. The wired socket can be directly borrowed from the bedside table socket.
▲There are many wall lights similar to this kind of plug-in wire-free wiring. Any place where there is a socket, the wall can be realized, even if the family has already lived in, it can be easily realized
▲A variety of styles are available, which can be Online shopping platform search fully meets the needs of function and style.
▲A variety of styles can easily solve the trouble of no power supply.

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